Friday, September 5, 2014

#Bring_Back_Our_Girls. "Boko Haramed" By Tatenda W Mhlanga

They disappeared with rosaries.
Now clad in hijabs, they recite the Koran.
On the news, daily, we can only watch,
With tears streaming down our faces
 Facing the prospect of shattered dreams and ageing hopes.
We join hands now with a single voice.
 "Bring back our girls".
From the jammed streets of Lagos,
To the capital Abuja, to Kano, to Aba and Kaduna.
Holding placards, hashtagged tweets,
And now from tenth Downing Street and the White House,
#Bring back our girls
We want our Flora and Fauna back,
Never mind if they have been deflowered yet
We all want them back alive.
Their mothers firmly hold their craving wombs
Their fathers plant their hands on their heads
It was never a rush of blood to the head,
It was an Italian Job. T
hey have been Boko Haramed.
Our hopes lie with Mr Government man
Good luck with that Chinekewooooooo! #Bring back our girls

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An empty kitchen by Witness Hamudi

No cockroaches on the floor

Or rats sneaking through the door

Only the buzz of an empty fridge

Stocked with bottled water about to freeze.

No aroma from previously fried chips

Only a drink too stench to sip.

The switch off cooker,

Listens to the sounds from some room, of a droning hover.

Taps run dry, belching stone dry air

And fires put up warming signs, “Don’t dare go in there!”

Some, sun fried on the window sill and mummified

A bread- bin shielding a crumb of cake long dried

That once broke the tooth of one roach.

And I had to bribe them all with goch goch.

It’s only this empty kitchen left

To be swept

Before the odds and ends are taken out home

Whilst rats, cockroaches and flies are already waiting to storm it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tomorrow by Witness Hamudi

Tomorrow awaits with splendor

In Her hands I will but rock,

With the oboe and the spinet, there is much grandeur

To be known and crowds to shake.

With each passing day there is

Something to write about: the breeze or the next door Miss,

Whatever may be consumable to their delight.

If well put, the feeling and the rhymes,

Together with the bell’s chimes.

Tomorrow may be another day

Which would lively sound bestow and gay

That is if I stick to the oboe and spinet

Or the stages like Peter Tenet.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Home sweet home by Witness Hamudi

We go out although far

Away from ma and pa

Away from the land that’s ours

For long journeying hours

We forget not the sweet

Of home, especially when people spit

Into our faces with hate and disgust

And at times being returned for mistrust.

They always trying to hammer out of us

Models, in alleys and in subway we pass.

Comparing them with us in the glass

There is one lucid difference only.

They comfortably sitting at home and we are lonely.

We bent our backs and toil,

Happy to lead our lives in turmoil.

We aren’t happy at all

But we can not let our economy fall

Tumble and break-

Some day it will be you

Enjoying the experience you will be going through

I bet I don’t hate

But pray: make a better world for you and for me

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Night Birds by Tatenda William Mhlanga

Night draws closer with end day

Where they take over in hunt of prey

Night birds-exhausted they fly not

Parroting, they cry not

Smile a lot, squeaking,

Chattering, glittering

When the lights are more than dim-dark

When we the dogs that bark

Behind bars, try our luck

Not with our catapults loose

Misled is our target we miss,

In agony, them gliding, we can’t resist

Starring, like queens, but we as kings

Of unmeasured wit, defiant

Amused not of their deviance

To wander while others pray, misled

Skinny, blindfolded and lost

For hunger not to satisfy

Rotten flesh, disabled to gratify

Integrity-sweltering, for night birds of prey?

We long for fleshy birds of day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FRIEND OR FOE by Witness Hamudi

Ignore the turning of a friend to a foe,

When you’re being proven a fool,

Their laughter when you fall off a stool,

Their frowning when you soundly chew

Or the loneliness you go through,

When you enroll in a new school

But ignore not when a foe turns a friend;

It may be true or utter pretense.

Ignore not the repentance

It may be to bind or slacken your acquaintance.

All other things you may ignore,

But not when you make a friend out of a foe.

Monday, July 25, 2011

lets just talk

You should talk I think,

If you don’t you stink,

No communication no link

From the colourless wine bottle you shall not drink,

In the wilderness of self torment, you shall shrink

Its better to speak out, don’t give me a wink.

Speak out your mind,

Then receive answers of many kinds.

No doubt, relationships you shall find,

Quietness is the worst sanctuary to hide,

Inside yourself nothing to confide.

Come out. Utter something and push this coyness aside,

And in the peace of mind you will abide.

It’s not safe to die in torment,

Your predicament becomes everyone’s consent

In dialogue, there is less disaffection to ferment,

There are always mistakes to correct,

Even problems to confront,

And a relationship to cement.

By Tatenda Mhlanga