Friday, September 5, 2014

#Bring_Back_Our_Girls. "Boko Haramed" By Tatenda W Mhlanga

They disappeared with rosaries.
Now clad in hijabs, they recite the Koran.
On the news, daily, we can only watch,
With tears streaming down our faces
 Facing the prospect of shattered dreams and ageing hopes.
We join hands now with a single voice.
 "Bring back our girls".
From the jammed streets of Lagos,
To the capital Abuja, to Kano, to Aba and Kaduna.
Holding placards, hashtagged tweets,
And now from tenth Downing Street and the White House,
#Bring back our girls
We want our Flora and Fauna back,
Never mind if they have been deflowered yet
We all want them back alive.
Their mothers firmly hold their craving wombs
Their fathers plant their hands on their heads
It was never a rush of blood to the head,
It was an Italian Job. T
hey have been Boko Haramed.
Our hopes lie with Mr Government man
Good luck with that Chinekewooooooo! #Bring back our girls