Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sisters And The BlueLight Bulbs by Witness Hamudi

Blue light bulbs glow not by day

When sisters kill the day for rest,

-day to get dressed.

To stare into a half broken mirror

That once before eviction belonged to Stella

Blue light bulbs rest by day.

Blue light bulbs are blind

They do not see their sisters’ unswept abode

Sisters slaughter smell with 'deos' cheaply bought

From down town illegal dealer

With hardy earned dollar bills.

Blue light bulbs sense of smell is blunt.

Blue light bulbs do not see

Neither the pants stashed into drawers

Stained with used oil in the showers,

Nor creased dresses spilling from an almost ripped up basket

To evade the dusty floor

Just before the clock strikes an evening three.

Blue light bulbs neither hear nor see

But I’m sure they can shade some dim light

On men’s pants lying tight

Each night in their blue bright

Cause blue light bulbs and sisters are one

They rest by day and work by night.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Words are like birds

They fly away when you try

To scribble a riddle

Or describe a nettle.

Words are like an eel,

They are slippery still,

If well put they may heal,

The soul of a beloved ill.

Take words for a thief

That has taken the wife of a thief

And may get caught if,

He has come to a dead end, the cliff.

Words sometimes bite

With their ironical might.

They may provoke a fight

Or keep one awake all night.

Monday, April 25, 2011

unsuppressable thoughts(Grandma's Questions)

Did he plan it
Did he do it on purpose
Put a Dark Spot on a Blue Planet
And let the World treat its people like they are 'worthless'

what was he thinking
was he thinking
Because, me thinking
But me stop thinking
Because what me thinks...

myt send me to a hot place
After someone rings the death knell
That place rhymes so well
with 'well'
which contains the liquid I'll so very much yearn for
in the domain of the Angel that Fell

But since i'm going there anyway
for all I've been doing
Answer, may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please end my pursuing

He didn't plan it
He didn't do it on purpose
He didn't put a Dark Spot on a Blue Planet
and make us worthless


Compelled to re-do transcripts of my transgression
I found flipping through pages ,having forgotten
Of tattered pages and plucked-out phases:
Moments from memory to efface-
In-vain .Haunting ,stubborn ,the visions rebound
Viciously ,intimidatingly screaming loud
To remind of a crooked past:
The horrors that survived the burning pages and stuck in mind to last.
The horrors that escaped the inferno-
Dived into the liquid of my brain to cool-off
That steams it ,and,
Keeps me tossing and turning in bed.
Hoping these visions with time might blur
I remain scandalously recalcitrant and devoid of blame.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Frankling David by Witness Hamudi

Franklin David was my favorite
All bartenders knew I was right.
So simple was he though fearsome when sober
For he’ld interrogate you over and over.
He being in the habit of squeezing himself in a distant corner
He seemed disconcerted in the manner of a loner.
But of all the people I knew, ha wasn’t that sort
He only needed one single hot tot
Afterwards he would talk,
Tease and joke,
Until he ordered for another round
And tell me to spare my pound.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exam Room by Witness Hamudi

Breathe and think

Don’t mind the clock’s tick

Think of picking up tick by tick

Never do look at Dick

Fumbling-chewing away his pencils stick

Composure is the tick

To grab, in an exam, at each tick.

Say your short prayer

Not loud, not silent, but fair

Then take your pen and prepare

Jotting all you have with care

Not to doodle doodle away the day.

With the first hours chime

Panic not, cheat not, its a crime

Stare at the time

And with each second write in rhyme

After all is done

Breathe and think

That all you have won.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Broken Pot


I heard a monotonous din in the air
Where my gleaming eyes starred
In its direction, in motion.
I never took heed of any precaution
What do you expect, I enjoyed the experience
Of a life time. But…
By the moment, the din fade away
I felt my head loosened up.
Whaaa-at... my po...oo
Into the parallel streams I dived
Screaming as it were…my po…oo
Uncle Jacob found me drowning,
Rescued me and brought me where?
Who to my surprise appeared unmoved?
She only raised her concerns,
Remember, it was her only pot,
She became weak-her only pot
Done to pieces by the poor girl,
An ignorant teenager, old enough…
Only succumbing to the poverty snare
Where the new world remained a nightmare.
The metal bird varnished with our pot
I suspected…hesitantly.

Sweet music of death knells

the Devil looked on as his
minions mutilated and murdered millions
that had opposing opinions
He slept smiling while broken mothers wept
crying over what was left
screams serenaded him
in his violent dreams
fishermen and Fishers of Men pulled dead fish and body parts out of
silent streams
orators no longer spoke words with ease
everything shivered even birds in trees
The Serpent slithered
taking in the picturesque scene
no longer green: Life's flower withered....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sick Midnight Thought by Witness Hamudi

If she were here and home being far
From her sweet i would sorrow though
But, her embrace being charm and lock
I’m bound and won’t stray any far.
If imprinting was for gulls and bears
I’m one that found suckling on her breast
A child you can wean with chilli on the chest
But not a man; I’ll forever cling onto hers.
Sweet dreams are for eternity
Blurred visions of her nudity, only future knows.
If its only dreams, we can make it with care
From valleys green to hill-tops bare.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I cannot bear this,
I will not bear this.

I am troubled.
So dismantled,

What will I tell him?
How can I reveal it?

I’ve been robbed,
Heavily corroded.

I’m no longer myself,
Not exactly as I felt.

My brother is angry.
He cannot stand it.

My life is on standby, paused,
Not ready to be presumed.

My sanctuary is rotten,
Suffering pain from being rode on.

I don’t feel the same,
As I will not, never again play this game.

Who will like my appearance?
Or who will carry this disturbance.

My life has been battered
Like a hot knife through butter.

I’m still to decide,
If I can perform suicide.

I’m finished
I’m dismantled.

I can’t wait tom live any-more
I can’t live my life any low.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When my ex husband had to call it a day,
I became instantly ill- I was dumbfounded,
With a blank mind, what could I say?
In the face of reality, my marriage was grounded,
A union that was forever, never meant to be,
Imagine, my being a wife of honour, with all my might,
My patience, perseverance drawn out of me 
Only to watch my marriage out of sight.
I often dream about it in drab misery,
Thinking that you of all people could hurt my soul,
Insulting me, in front of all eyes, in the name of adultery.
God- I watched him dismay as his poniards spread so,
Nevertheless, in future I have made up my mind,
In matters of love it’s the truth I have to find.