Friday, November 5, 2010



My edging strength,

To take away anyone’s breath,

Has power over kings and lords,

They seek refuge to me as of old

Using right hand robbed men,

Human haired to make me inhuman,

But with peace and order that survive,

Kingdoms and domains revive

Coupled with traditions and religious patterns,

To be thrown in rubbish pits.

I scrolled in ink, scribed on sheets

Somehow abandoned, in archives,

Would come off the blue alive,

To the rescue for walls about to tumble and fall

And to the joy of my ears, I hear their call

But with a patronizing soul,

My offer at stake they take

They’ve no other choice to make,

Underlining my status, a mere document on show

Do not be perplexed, I am the Law.

Tatenda Mhlanga

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