Tuesday, March 8, 2011



In sport we cheer
As we won’t fear,
A loss that is part of this dear
Game that would be always at hand
IS death more of a game like this?
In difficulties we try
Not to wait and stand-by,
As we strive to make things okay,
To fulfill the promise of day.
How do we endeavour in times of death?
In religion we pray,
Not afraid to carry
The burden of our lord
Who saddled our load
To save us the whole lot
Of debaucheries and sorts.
Imagine this when death comes.
If the sun will shine again tomorrow
It will be clear enough that sorrow
Is the prize we pay as homage to death,
A sense of inexperience to bereavement.
If that was so, how many would have courage.
The answer is, in death we shade tears,
This shows our deepest feelings,
On this tussling game
Of life, happiness or sadness-damn,
All thrown into an invisible dam.
That’s what we do when we face death.
In times of death so high are emotions,
The adrenaline pumping in motion,
Or the heart beat and blood cell in caution,
“I’ve lost my mum, my dad-oh my cousin,”
Surely in times of death there is no controlling.
To the deceased we feel pity
Here and there sing a ditty,
To lament our love simply
Because we respect and heartily
Pray that, “may the soul rest in peace.”
In the trying times of death- we piss.
When death comes we weep,
Unable to contain or keep
Emotions from outrage and throw tantrums,
“If I could I would have done something.”
But as at is, there is nothing
That can stop death from stripping everything.
After all, in sport we cheer
In difficulties we try,
In religion we pray.
All in all in our ability
But what about in death?
Think about it and bet
In time of death.                   



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