Monday, November 8, 2010



They were Men, who rang the bell,

Strong in nature, so volatile, one could tell.

There were Men who ran the cells

One could not resist; in their hands we fell

No doubt the truth is, we were now in hell

It’s the metropolitan advice they had to repel,

But remember it was our inheritance, they had to sell.

Once again, they were the Men, who ran our lives,

So charismatic and dangerous, like the bee hives.

They were ready to snatch our wives,

And when we would retort, we met cattle hides.

In terms of litigation our voices were placed on the sidelines

With tears in our eyes, we looked into the skies.

Could at least one Man listen to our cries?

They were the Men who held the knife and the yam.

With nobody’s business, they would drink rum,

Whilst we, the toilers, would have some,

Not rejoicing, but in memorium.

Some would think of the surviving day,

But as for now it was the coveted price we had to pay.

Tatenda W Mhlanga

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Bob Marley said"emancipate yourself from mental slavery" we no wish 2 stay with tyrants and demagogues in our society we wanna be free