Friday, February 25, 2011



Is where you are wanted son.
The frivolous storm has gone,
In place, everything is back again
If you want, I’ll lay out a bait
Mum is back, so is Cindy.
Home wants you back sonny
And with you there, we’ll reunite
Thus I want you dead or alive.

You rather feel, you are nothing but dead,
It isn’t that bad,
It’s an experience
Adjusting tomorrow’s appearance.
Don’t despair,
You’ve got someone to inspire,
A lesson worth to realize,
Mistakes to correct, preventing an imminent demise,
Only if me and home receive you either dead or alive.

The onus is on mine side this time,
Poor us we had to fight
A dismantled jaw; a bloody war in sight.
She injured, went away, I had led home astray,
A place we all belonged to.
Again your mum and Cindy I had to woo,
They are back home now,
Only you left-I know, for you it’s hard
Home where?
Some where there
Where my two arms lay open
In anticipation, smeared in warmth
The time at home you will arrive
I don’t care, dead or alive.

Wake up from your state of partiality
Shake the death blues into reality,
Death, the destruction of a bright life
Like perishing holding a loaded rifle.
There is still life, get on moving
Home, where it dwells a sense of belonging,
Restoration of pride,
When you hear a survival vibe
Full of life, not dead but alive.


                                                            Tatenda W Mhlanga



lorely said...

There are so many people walking around physically alive and breathing but they are dead inside...


its true the body might be in motion but we arent full of life if aint got the right state of mind