Monday, April 25, 2011

unsuppressable thoughts(Grandma's Questions)

Did he plan it
Did he do it on purpose
Put a Dark Spot on a Blue Planet
And let the World treat its people like they are 'worthless'

what was he thinking
was he thinking
Because, me thinking
But me stop thinking
Because what me thinks...

myt send me to a hot place
After someone rings the death knell
That place rhymes so well
with 'well'
which contains the liquid I'll so very much yearn for
in the domain of the Angel that Fell

But since i'm going there anyway
for all I've been doing
Answer, may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please end my pursuing

He didn't plan it
He didn't do it on purpose
He didn't put a Dark Spot on a Blue Planet
and make us worthless

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