Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sisters And The BlueLight Bulbs by Witness Hamudi

Blue light bulbs glow not by day

When sisters kill the day for rest,

-day to get dressed.

To stare into a half broken mirror

That once before eviction belonged to Stella

Blue light bulbs rest by day.

Blue light bulbs are blind

They do not see their sisters’ unswept abode

Sisters slaughter smell with 'deos' cheaply bought

From down town illegal dealer

With hardy earned dollar bills.

Blue light bulbs sense of smell is blunt.

Blue light bulbs do not see

Neither the pants stashed into drawers

Stained with used oil in the showers,

Nor creased dresses spilling from an almost ripped up basket

To evade the dusty floor

Just before the clock strikes an evening three.

Blue light bulbs neither hear nor see

But I’m sure they can shade some dim light

On men’s pants lying tight

Each night in their blue bright

Cause blue light bulbs and sisters are one

They rest by day and work by night.

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