Friday, April 15, 2011

Broken Pot


I heard a monotonous din in the air
Where my gleaming eyes starred
In its direction, in motion.
I never took heed of any precaution
What do you expect, I enjoyed the experience
Of a life time. But…
By the moment, the din fade away
I felt my head loosened up.
Whaaa-at... my po...oo
Into the parallel streams I dived
Screaming as it were…my po…oo
Uncle Jacob found me drowning,
Rescued me and brought me where?
Who to my surprise appeared unmoved?
She only raised her concerns,
Remember, it was her only pot,
She became weak-her only pot
Done to pieces by the poor girl,
An ignorant teenager, old enough…
Only succumbing to the poverty snare
Where the new world remained a nightmare.
The metal bird varnished with our pot
I suspected…hesitantly.

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