Saturday, April 9, 2011


I cannot bear this,
I will not bear this.

I am troubled.
So dismantled,

What will I tell him?
How can I reveal it?

I’ve been robbed,
Heavily corroded.

I’m no longer myself,
Not exactly as I felt.

My brother is angry.
He cannot stand it.

My life is on standby, paused,
Not ready to be presumed.

My sanctuary is rotten,
Suffering pain from being rode on.

I don’t feel the same,
As I will not, never again play this game.

Who will like my appearance?
Or who will carry this disturbance.

My life has been battered
Like a hot knife through butter.

I’m still to decide,
If I can perform suicide.

I’m finished
I’m dismantled.

I can’t wait tom live any-more
I can’t live my life any low.

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